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Plants make everything better

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

There are countless studies that show plants are good for your health, so it's no wonder indoor gardening has had a big upswing in popularity. Their green leafy colours look great in all forms of interiors and add a pop of life to any space, but let's take a look at some additional benefits indoor plants offer.

Benefits of indoor plants

  1. Help reduce stress levels, it's said that being around plants has a calming effect.

  2. Air purifying qualities and natural filters can remove toxins in your space.

  3. Plants are productivity boosters, and can make it easier to concentrate on tasks and inspire creativity.

  4. Want to make a space more comfortable? Add some greenery, they are not only aesthetically pleasing and add a splash of colour but also breath a sense of life into any room.


Your plants need less water in the winter months as they are not growing as quickly, but keep in mind that the dry heat from the furnace and cold outdoor air can wreak havoc on the amount of moisture they retain, so make sure you're monitoring things closely.

Most plants die from over-watering so it might be smart to invest in a moisture meter to check how the roots are doing. Alternatively, you can stick a finger in the dirt to see if the top inch or so of dirt is dry; if yes, it usually means it's time to water. Slow growth and yellowing leaves is a symptom of over watering.

Tip: Make sure you research indoor plants that are safe for your kids and pets.

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